Testimonials are a wonderful compliment. We at Clearbrook certainly appreciate the kind words. Here we have shared a few case studies to give you some insight as to how we collaborate with our customers and the partnerships we have forged together.

The environmental engineer stated the issue clearly “…every day this continued they were at risk of major fines and penalties from the EPA. The faster they passed this test the better.”

Clearbrook was already successfully treating their wastewater for XYZ problem and was challenged to come up with a solution.

The Solution
Clearbrook would work together, on site, testing multiple products and concentrations until the test was aced. We came up with a comparative jar study that could be conducted with various physical forms of polyclear products. On site testing kept us close to the problem and testing both dry and emulsion products ensured we were addressing physical properties as well.

Collaborative Teamwork
We pre-screened our products on the dosage performance curves and variations of the treated supernatant were given to the plant’s biochemist to conduct internal bioassay tests. The Clearbrook team stayed on site for a week working side by side with the plant’s biochemist as we tested 100+ samples.

Test Passed
Our polyclear AD 8302 had a very high survival rate on the bioassay test and a successful test regime was achieved. The emulsion product held the lowest dose needed for LD 50* for Ceriodaphnia (water flea toxicity test) but not every time. The last hurdle (test) was changing the physical form of the chemical from wet to dry. That was the final answer and we had nothing but success on the bioassay test from there on out.

What had been a good relationship became even stronger. Our customer involves us in their business every day and we have been their partner now for 10 years. Together we passed this test.

*An LD (lethal dose) 50 is a test by which after 5 days of a group of one specific organism being in a specific concentrate, 50% of them live- this is considered a pass.

Just because YOUR customers are unpredictable, you don’t get a regulation break.

An industrial pre treatment laundry customer that processes multiple fabric goods, from rugs to car mechanic towels and overalls. Day to day and week to week there will be different levels of chemicals, grease, etc that needs to be mitigated. Our customer was given notice of violation concerning a sample taken that was out of range for the standard of compliance in lead.

Clearbrook Called In
The Clearbrook team was energized and applied the CIC process to determine the source of the problem. We asked a lot of questions and reviewed the fabrics that came in over the course of a week. With the help of our customer it was determined that a large garage was returning extremely high levels of lead in their towels, and it turns out they were storing them in a challenging environment. Addressing the source of the problem, it was concluded that this problem was going to continue.

We established the performance benefit of our Clearmet products. After the initiation/integration of the Clearmet program into their treatment scheme, the regulators reported compliant results from both the composite and grab sampling.