Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Clearbrook Choice so refreshing?

The Clearbrook Choice is so refreshing because we are centered around the CIC process. Customers should have 100% comfort in knowing that Clearbook’s compliance history will allow us to fix whatever problems come our way. We have the best available customer service and chemical engineering abilities and talents along in the field. All customers can expect the best choice, commitment and clarity from our team.

What kind of ongoing customer service can we expect?

Here at Clearbrook, we always engineer according to customer’s needs. This means that customer service is always on going. Someone from the Clearbrook team is with you from the very first test until our products successfully fix your problem and beyond.

What makes Clearbrook’s Formulation process better?

We are able to source product from all around the world. This allows us to devise a comprehensive formula that will meet our customer’s every need.

Why is your source of supply so broad?

By sourcing our supply from all around the world, Clearbrook is assured not only to always be supplied with the most up to date products, but also to give our customer’s the greatest variety of custom blends. This allows us to develop very exact formulations for virtually any application.

How do we start an on site evaluation with Clearbrook?

Starting an onsite evaluation with Clearbrook is really very easy. Customers can click on our challenge button or call our offices directly. Either way, Clearbrook will ask for your specific information, consult our team, and recommend the best way to implement products, services and equipment particular to your needs.

What kind of delivery time should we expect?

Delivery times may vary, but in general deliveries happen within 5 business days of an order being placed. In emergency situations, expedited shipping can be facilitated.

How often do you perform site visits?

Clearbrook performs site visits as often as necessary as the client needs. This is determined by the client’s wants and needs.

What industries are you experienced with?

Clearbrook is has experience with most water treatment industries. Based on customer need, we are currently we are focused in the municipal -both potable and wastewater- industrial laundry, industrial automotive and combustion, pulp and paper, mining and formulated polymers industries. We are however, always looking to expand our horizons.

What is the CIC process ?

The CIC process makes up the core of Clearbrook’s ideals. You can ready more about the CIC process here.